Yesterday we went to one of my favourite places in Cornwall before coming back home, Padstow, we drove down and most of the car parks were full because it was such a nice day but it was surprising because its not even school holidays yet! When finally parked and ready, we walked over to the harbour, and there were some fish swimming around near the surface, I presume this was because of the heat, so I got a few pictures of that. After taking in the view of the harbour, we went around the shops for a little but didn’t buy anything, and then we made our way to the beach. To get to the beach in Padstow you have to walk over a hill which was kinda effort, but the view from the top was awesome, so if you go I recommend taking a camera or binoculars because there is so much surrounding around you. I also managed to get a few pictures of some birds in the plants and trees next to the path, and then I got some pictures from the beach itself of passing boats and the waves. So that was the end of the holiday, and every day I managed to eat a pastie because you can’t go to cornwall and not eat pasties, you just cant.


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