The Green Bridge of Wales

Yesterday was amazing, we went to see the Green Bridge and walk along the coastal path, and the views were breathtaking. It was a warm day with clear skies and no wind, which made it even better. We actually saw some people abseiling, not really sure how they got the confidence to do it to be honest because I didn’t go even near the edge. We saw some people kayaking under it too which must have been amazing.

We started to walk further along and my mum spotted 4 seals in one of the coves below us, they were so cute, I quickly swapped to my 75-300mm from my 18-50mm lens because we were too far away for them to be seen well on the smaller lens, and also used my CPL filter to get some decent pictures of them. Ever since I got my CPL filter it’s been so useful, especially for taking pictures of anything in water, such as the seals. It was also nice as someone who cares for the environment, to see signs telling climbers they couldn’t climb in places where seals were, because it would cause stress to the seals, and potentially be dangerous for climbers, especially if pups were around.

Continuing along the path, we found somewhere to eat our lunch, with a gentle breeze, and a great view of the clear blue waters below us, it was perfect. No sound other than that of the waves crashing on the rocks below, or the occasional bee drifting by.

Having read up on this place before, I’d heard of another place along this walk called The Cauldron, which wasn’t too far from us at all, in fact, we were right next to it! It was so high up, I was scared that I’d fall. There was actually a gap in the rocks, which meant the sea water was inside, shown on the last picture above, but it was kind of hard to get a decent picture of it, because you couldn’t get too close to the edge.

Another thing that this place was filled with, was butterflies, there were so many different beautiful patterns on them all, and we actually found what I now believe to be a White Ermine Moth caterpillar (correct me if I’m wrong) crawling across quite a busy part of the path, so my dad moved it to the longer grass, but I managed to get a few pictures of it on his hand as seen in the picture above. It was nice to see a lot of biodiversity around in such a beautiful place.

I really would recommend going if you get the chance. It’s beautiful in pictures but breathtaking in real life when you’re actually there, I can’t even put it into words.

Hoping to write another post later this week if I get the chance, but you can see more pictures over on my shared Instagram @picturesoftheperfectplaces, and I keep it updated when I’m writing a new post.

Hwyl fawr!